Top 5 Best Sorted’s Delivery Experience Competitors and Alternatives

Top 5 Best Sorted’s Delivery Experience Competitors and Alternatives

Sorted is a software company that provides customer experience solutions for eCommerce companies. Sorted’s customers include Adidas, The North Face and Warby Parker. Sorted’s helps retailers manage their in-store inventory with real time updates to online stores and mobile channels. In this post we highlight top 5 best Sorted competitors and alternatives around the world. We hope you find it useful.

Best Sorted’s Delivery Experience Competitors and Alternatives


Pickrr provides shipment tracking, return management, and interface with all major shipping carriers. The company’s system is built on the Oracle stack which provides support for PCI compliance. The key features of Pickrr are automated shipment tracking, automated returns management, and flexible API for easy integration. This product is designed to be integrated with existing infrastructure through APIs or data feed mechanisms.


Shippo provides multi-carrier API integration for e-commerce. Their mission is to be the #1 way to offer real-time shipping across all of your marketplaces and shopping carts in one simple integration without needing an army of developers. They have integrations with over 40 shipping carriers, including most major ones. Some notable ones include UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL Express International, Canada Post, USPS Canada Post International Parcels, etc. At Shippo, you can also provide your customers with accurate order status updates about their deliveries. You can do this by using our powerful shipment tracking interface which provides full delivery information for every shipment status update, even when provided by third parties like couriers or customs authorities.


ShipWay provides the most convenient shipping APIs to manage multi-carriers. It also helps with product returns and courier tracking. Providing a solution for tracking shipments with ShipWay helps you reduce your customers’ waiting time by delivering their parcels faster. In this way, it gives them a positive experience of shopping from your online store, increasing retention rates and sales volumes in the long term.


ShypLite is a free, lightweight version app that delivers same-day shipping from businesses to customers. It provides multi-carrier integration, product return management, courier tracking, shipment tracking services and customer experience improvement products.

International Carrier: Yes

Multi-Carrier Integration: Yes

Product Return Management: Yes

Courier Tracking: Yes

Shipment Tracking Services: Yes


How to Choose the Best Sorted Delivery Experience Competitor?

1.Software Area of Operation

2.Software Prices and Rates

3.Software Implementation and Features

4.Business Priorities

5.Customer Support & Services of Software

6.Shipping Rates

7.Choice of Carriers

8.Tech Capabilities

9.Shipping Partners

10.API Integration

11.eCommerce Product Returns management

12.Provision of Data Analytics

13.Unified Tracking Platform

14.Tie Up With More Carriers

15.Greater Carrier Visibility

16.Customer Experience

17.Payment Options

Conclusion: Whether you’re an eCommerce business with a physical storefront or if your inventory is 100% online, there are plenty of Sorted’s competitors to choose from. To help narrow down the list and find the perfect one for your needs, we analyzed reviews and customer feedback on 10 different software packages offered by some of today’s top providers. We’ve also included information about what makes these programs unique and how they can be used to increase conversions in this competitive market. If you’re looking for an edge over the competition when it comes to converting customers through digital marketing then start here.




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