What is Return Labels?

Devaraj Mahantesh
4 min readMar 17, 2022
Return Labels

Return Label

When sending a package, it’s important to include the appropriate return label, so the recipient knows where to send the parcel back. But what does that term mean? A return label is simply a pre-printed postage sticker or a stamp that tells the postal service where to send the package back to. It can be included on the outside of the package or on an enclosed slip of paper. If you’re not sure which return label to use, ask your local post office for advice.

What is Return Labels?

A return label is a shipping label that the vendor or retailer uses to help facilitate merchandise returns for any given transaction. It allows the consumer to send back an item for an exchange, refund, cashback, etc. The company has these labels already printed and packed in bulk, so there’s never a need to order them individually — they’ll come on sheets of one or two per page, so all you have to do is peel and stick away.

What is the Difference Between Free Shipping and Return Shipping?

Free shipping is one of those rare beauty retailers that truly offer free return shipping. This means that if you purchase an item on its website and decide to return it for any reason, you will not be charged for the cost of shipping (you pay only what it costs them to mail your package). Returns are typically processed within 30 days after delivery without any restocking fees, but keep in mind if you make a habit of purchasing products and sending them back at no charge, this could become quite costly.

Return Labels & You — How to Use Them When You Need Them If you’ve received a gift card or coupon code, then the first thing you should do is check the fine print. Before you make any purchases pay close attention to those “terms and conditions” You may find that those super-cute ankle boots aren’t a good fit for you after all, or perhaps your sister’s wedding is coming up, but your dress doesn’t match their color scheme. Most retailers understand that these situations may arise and will allow you to return an item if necessary, but this isn’t always convenient. After all, who wants to drive back to the mall? Or wait in line at the post office? Returning items purchased online is so much easier when you use a return label — here’s how it works:

1. Receive Return Label & Print It Out

You can receive a return label in two ways: email it to yourself or have it sent to your home through the mail. These labels are pre-printed and come in sheets of one or two per page, so don’t worry about having to order them online. They’ll come on plain white printer paper that will be attached directly to your merchandise when you receive it, but consider printing out a copy for yourself if you want to be extra careful.

2. Prepare Your Package

If your retailer requires you to pay for the return shipping, then before printing your label. If this is the case, your order number will be required at the post office, so make sure you have that handy too. You may use any plain shipping package or envelope, but keep in mind that odd-sized boxes are likely to get caught by customs officials who will charge you additional fees if discovered.

3. Stick Your Label on Your Package

Printed labels must be stuck directly onto the box, not just the bag. It should cover all sides of the merchandise inside while leaving no open edges where other packages can get snagged or poked by sharp edges. Double-check that everything looks okay before sealing it up and sending it back — also, take this time to ensure everything is clean and dry.

4. Ship It Out

Before you know it, your package will reach its destination, although there are some things to keep in mind when shipping returns via an authorized carrier like UPS or FedEx:

- As stated previously, odd-sized packages can cause problems at customs, so if possible, stick with standard measurements (anything 12x12x4 inches or smaller should be fine).

- Always use tracking and delivery confirmation options (if available) since damaged items can sometimes get lost in the shuffle between departments.

If customers send their return packages to Free Shipping’s warehouse, they will still pay for delivery but receive a refund on their return costs when applicable. Depending on how much money is due back, this process may take 7–14 days from the time you receive your return label.


Return labels are a necessary part of the shipping process, but they can also be used as a marketing tool. By providing customers with a pre-paid return label, you can make it easier for them to return products and increase their chances of purchasing from you again in the future.